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Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills

Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills is a trusted and experienced upholstery provider based in Granada Hills, CA. Established in 1950, we specialize in a wide range of upholstery services. We have been servicing the commercial furniture industry for over three decades and are proud to say that our work is second to none. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of upholstery, including reupholstering, commercial furniture refurbishing, and commercial chair repair.  We offer free estimates with no obligation so you can get an idea of what your project will cost before deciding whether or not to go ahead.

We are available to cover everything from your sofas and chairs to your cushions and pillows. We have a large selection of fabrics for all styles of furniture- whether it’s traditional or contemporary. So if you need new furniture or just want to update what you already have, we are the place for commercial upholstery in Granada Hills!

We are a family-owned and operated upholstery shop that has been serving Granada Hills for over a decade. Commercial upholstery is our specialty, and we are proud to offer the largest selection of fabrics in all styles. If you need new furniture or just want to update what you already have, Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills will help make your office space feel like home.

We’re here to provide you with total furniture reupholstery and restoration services, including furniture repairs, fabrics for your chairs or couches that match the rest of your room’s decor. We can also fix up any frame issues or suspension problems. From basic fabric repair all the way to a full-on sofa makeover. We offer complete restoration service on old pieces, from leather sofas in need of replacement cushioning to chipped wood frames needing new paint jobs and more.

We offer a large selection of fabrics for your sofas and chairs. Whatever style you’re looking for, Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills has it! And if the furniture is already there, we will update what’s already there to give it new life. Contact Commercial Upholstery in Granada Hills today; we’ll be happy to help! For more information, contact us at , or visit our website. Contact us today with any questions about Commercial Upholstery in Granada Hills- whether it’s an estimate on prices or available options! We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Our Services

We are specialized in both residential and commercial upholstering services. Located just minutes outside of the San Fernando Valley region, we are proud to serve residents and businesses in Granada Hills, San Fernando, Sylmar, and other surrounding areas.  We offer a wide range of services, including furniture repair, custom upholstering for sofas, chairs & dining sets, as well as commercial installation for offices or restaurants. We can also provide everything from draperies to window treatments.

You’ll be glad you came to Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills for all your upholstery needs. We offer many services, and we’re committed to providing the best service possible every time! Whether it’s custom furniture or simple reupholstering jobs, our designers are always looking out for what will make you happy with a smile on their faces as they work hard behind the scenes. That means that whatever job is at hand, whether big or small – we want everything about this experience of working together to feel just right.

The services we provide include custom-built furniture, reupholstering existing pieces, drapery, curtain, and blinds manufacturing – both from scratch or by using your own fabric choice! We also offer a great selection of fabrics as well as various types of furniture like bedsides, headboards (customized according to customer preference), bedspreads, pillows/cushions, etc., all tailored specifically for each individual need.

We offer a wide variety of services, from hardware and fixture selection to hard surface designs. We also provide faux finishing as well as space coordination and layout for all establishments. Furthermore, we have custom wood-framed furniture available in addition to steel-framed furniture components for bars, nightclubs, cabarets/lounges, or restaurants.

We have been providing the best commercial upholstery in Granada Hills at affordable prices! If you are interested, come by our shop today or contact us for more information. We offer free design consultations and quotes. In addition to commercial upholstery, we also do all types of cleaning, including carpets, fabric curtains, vinyl flooring, and leather sofas.

Why Choose Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills?

Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills is committed to providing you with the best service we can offer, and our team of experts has a knack for innovative designs that will leave your home or business looking great. We are one of the most enjoyable shops in town when it comes time to buy upholstery because not only do they provide fair prices but also exceptional customer care from start to finish! With such an array of services available at Commercial Upholstery, everyone should be able to find what they need here. From custom furniture and drapery installation down to fabric selection – no detail goes overlooked!

As a leading upholstery company, we are confident in the quality of our work. We have been servicing customers for years and can provide them with precisely what they need. With over 20 years of experience providing services to homes and commercial projects like restaurants and casinos, you’re sure to be satisfied with your purchase. We are confident because we have the skills, experience, and workforce to do it. We can even help make your home or office more comfortable with our wall upholstery service.

We are an established company in the furniture industry with a wide range of additional services to offer our customers. For starters, we have experts on staff who can help you find just what you need for your project and also perform hardware installation if needed. We work closely with architects, builders, or any other contractor looking for assistance from start to finish!

We can assure you that we’re able to provide any residential and commercial furniture with the highest standards of quality at unbeatable prices. If you need an upholstery project, Commercial Upholstery Granada Hills will do everything in its power to keep your budgets intact or lower than expected!

Stop by or give us a call: (213) 536-9916; we’ll be happy to answer any questions about your project, whether it’s large-scale or small scale.

Need A Free Consultation?

For immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at, or call us at (213) 536-9916 . if you prefer not to use email. We’re available Monday through Friday from nine am to five pm PST.